Compression Socks for Flying [73546]
  • Unisex sizes
    Unisex sizes

Sitting for hours on long flights can cause even healthy feet and legs to swell, which can be uncomfortable and potentially lead to negative side effects. The engineered weave of these therapeutic socks is designed to help prevent this swelling by delivering graduated amounts of compression from toe to calf to stimulate circulation.

While traveling long distances, you may find yourself in a prolonged, immobile position. This kind of cramped position decreases venous blood flow causing legs and feet to feel heavy and tired.

TravelSox® Compression Sock, was developed with the input of medical professionals to provide gradual compression, stimulate blood flow and eliminate swelling of your legs and feet while exerting a gradual compression on the leg allowing blood circulation through the veins to produce a delightful feeling of wellness.

Made with Coolmax® fibers to deliver a superior fit while keeping feet dry and comfortable for extended periods. Made in Italy. Machine washable

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